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LOOP Opti Fly Reels


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Type: Fly Reel

NEWS. After careful research and evaluation LOOP have expanded the Opti Reels range with the addition of the Strike model. Tested against Atlantic and Pacific salmon alongside Steelhead the Opti Strike has a wide arbor to cope with bulkier heads, but is also in possession of a silky smooth enhanced Power Matrix drag delivering superior fish fighting power for large and aggressive fish. The Opti Strike is the perfect complement to our outstanding range of double-handed rods.

LOOP Production Manager Tomas Ögren says: The Opti Strike is designed for the big fish as a target. Built with the same outer diameter as the Opti Runner and with the same width as the Opti Megaloop. The drag system is also the same as the powerhouse from Megaloop. The reel balances well all our double hand rods as well as the Flatsman rods. With its reliable Power Matrix Drag system and excellent line capacity, this is a must for all anglers who demands nothing but the best of their gear.

 Opti reels come in a wide variety of sizes, each optimised for specific fishing applications. Creek and DryFly, with a silky-smooth drag that handles the thinnest leader. The Runner, which is built on the same principles as its big brother Speedrunner, is the obvious choice for light double-hand rods or slightly heavier single-hand rods.  Speedrunner features an inset handle and extra diameter for speedsters. Megaloop comes with dual braking plates and a super sturdy construction for tackling really big fish. The king of the hill is the OPTi Big. With an absolutely huge drag system it is designed to stop anything. The OPTi reel will be your best and most beautiful friend for life.

  • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant.
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  • Mechanised components from leading European manufacturers.
  • Power Matrix Drag System.
  • Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling.
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  • Simple, quick spool-change.
  • Right or left retrieve a snap.
  • Outgoing click (not available on FW).
  • Precisely counterbalanced.


Opti Reel Specifications

Model Arbor Dia. Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight Capacity yd/lb
Creek 44m 85mm 20mm 120g WF3 + 140/20
Dryfly 56mm 102mm 20mm 135g WF5 + 190/20
Rapid New! 54mm 105mm 25mm 206g WF6 + 200/20
Runner 70mm 115mm 25mm 240g WF7 + 150/30
Strike  50mm 115mm 32mm 260g WF8 + 250/30
Speedrunner 86mm 131mm 25mm 216g WF8 + 185/30
Megaloop 68mm 131mm 32mm 308g WF10 + 250/50
Gyre New! 54mm 120mm 33mm 285g WF11 + 300/50
 Big 59mm 126mm 38mm 428g WF12 + 350/50



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