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Loop Opti Drift Floating Fly Line

Line Weight

The line to choose if you are looking for a short belly line that doesn’t need many overhead false casts. It’s also great for underhand or ‘pick-up-and-shoot’ casting, as it goes like a rocket!

Perfect for fishing from a drift boat when it is important to cast with speed and accuracy.

WF 2 7.4m/24.3ft 5.5g/85gr 26.9m/88.5ft
WF 3 7.4m/24.3ft 7g/108gr 26.9m/88.5ft
WF 4 7.9m/26ft 10g/154gr 27.1m/89.1ft
WF 5 7.9m/26ft 12g/185gr 27.1m/89.1ft
WF 6 8.3m/27ft 14g/216gr 27.1m/89.1ft
WF 7 9m/29.8ft 16g/247gr 27.1m/89.1ft
WF 8 9m/29.8ft 18g/278gr 27.1m/89.1ft
WF 9 9m/29.8ft 19.5g/301gr 27.1m/89.1ft


The Opti Drift incorporates a specific short taper profile to maximise both casting efficiency and fly presentation when overhead and underhand casting. Developed to excel in challenging wind conditions, this line configuration is also a highly effective solution for fishing in restricted areas where casting space is limited. With an extended back taper to enhance mending and a dual coloured profile to optimise line lift, the Opti Drift is an excellent performance fly line for freshwater species.

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