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LOOP Multi Fly Reels

The Multi Reel has now been superseded, save big on these remaining units.  The reels can be swapped from Left or Right hand retrieve, so if we dont have your side just drop us a line with your purchase and we can swap it for you.

We have always been known for designing the highest quality fly reels on the market. So when we set out to create a series of diecast reels, we knew they had to be built to the same standards as our other great reels.

In other words, they needed to be completely waterproof and offer the same Power Matrix Drag System that is incorporated in our other machined reels. The inner-workings of the new Multi Reels are of the highest standards, and when our first prototypes started arriving, we knew we had accomplished our goal. The Loop Multi Fly Reels will last a life time, and are offered in a price range that will allow anglers of all walks of life to own a fly reel that we feel proud enough to put the Loop name on.

  • As with our Opti series of reels, the handle is positioned more towards the center of the spool, which allows faster line retrieve and more room when hand palming is desired.
  • The counter balance incorporates a leader holder.
  • The drag knob has been reset, so it does not catch your fly line while making a cast.
  • Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling.
  • Conical shaped rubber handle that allows fly line to easily slip off and not get tangled in.
  • Workhorse design that will not let you down in the heat of the battle, regardless of your catch.
  • Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden.


    LOOP Multi  Fly Reel Specifications

    Arbor Dia. Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight Capacity yd/lb
    #3-6 Light 47mm 83mm 28mm 131g WF5 + 100/20
    #6-9 56mm 99mm 39mm 260g WF7 + 160/30
    #9-12 64mm 114mm 39mm 298g WF10 + 230/30



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