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LOOP Crystal Flourocarbon Tippet Material


Leader material manufactured in the highest quality fluorocarbon. Higher density than nylon guards against abrasion and allows material to sink easier. Nearly invisible in water. Note: Fluorocarbon does not break down when left out in the elements – do not litter!


Test Dimension  Length
3lb 6x 0.14mm 50m
4lb 5x 0.16mm 50m
5lb 4x 0.18mm 50m
6lb 3x 0.20mm 50m
8lb 2x 0.22mm 50m
10lb 1x 0.25mm 50m
12lb 0x 0.27mm 50m
13.5lb 0.30mm 50m
15lb 0.35mm 50m
18lb 0.38mm 50m
20lb 0.42mm 50m
25lb 0.48mm 50m
30lb 0.55mm 50m


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