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LOOP SDS Micro Tip - 5'

Our SDS Micro Tips offer additional flexibility in fly depth control in a range of varying fishing conditions. By simply attaching via a loop-to-loop connection, each density tip offers total synchronisation to the main SDS system as well as other fly line profiles. Designed to complement transitional power through the fly line system, our micro tips enjoy zero hinging during outbound extension and superior fly presentation as well as depth control.

 Line Tip Length Tip Weight
Float 1.5m/5ft 5g/77gr.
Intermediate 1.5m/5ft 5g/77gr.
Sink 3 1.5m/5ft 5g/77gr.
Sink 5 1.5m/5ft 5g/77gr.
Sink 7 1.5m/5ft 5g/77gr.




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