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LOOP Tactical Salmon Fly Line

Line Weight

The LOOP SDS Tactical Salmon Lines are a range of fly lines designed specifically for fishing environments where presentational techniques are pivotal to success. The Tactical Salmon'™s taper dimensions are optimised for both overhead and modern speycasting techniques and feature an integrated head and running line configuration. This allows for seamless fly retrieval through the stream when presenting flies at a range of fishing depths.

Tactical Salmon Specifications

Head Length Head Weight  Overall Length
#6 10.6m/35ft 24g/370gr 37m/121ft
#7 10.6m/35ft 27g/416gr 37m/121ft
#8 11.1m/36ft 31g/478gr 37m/121ft
#9 12.1m/40ft 36g/555gr 37m/121ft
#10 12.6m/41ft 40gr/617gr 37m/121ft

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