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November 24, 2014

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Sydney Harbour Update by Gavin Davis

Sydney Harbour is really starting to fire up as the summer heat kicks in!

Schools of Kahawai/Aussie Salmon can be found throughout middle harbour right down west of the Harbour Bridge.

Extremely fussy most of the time, a small surf candy will match the hatch and lite tippet to deal with wary fish. If you managed to get a cast into a school try long slow strips, or dead drift with the occasional twitch.

King fish are the hoodlums of the harbour, and are also making the presents known. They like to hang out in gangs around marker bouys on prominent points with good current lines. Try surface poppers at first light, or sinking clousers down deeper as the sun gets high in the sky. Be prepared to hang on and give no mercy if you hook kingies close to structure,  even a small fish will sort you out quick smart!

Finding fish can be difficult at times, but patience is the key! Keep a lookout for birds working close to the water, and a sharp eye on any splashes disturbing the surface.  Try to cast at fish around the edges of the schools so you don't spook the rest, have fun and remember the best thing about catching a fish is watching it swim away!


Tight lines, Gav


Gavin Davis is a Loop Pro Team member and Fly Junkie - follow Fly Junkies at www.facebook.com/flyjunkies