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NILF's on the Hush Hush

October 10, 2013 1 Comment

By Craig Somerville of Castabroad New Zealand.

The opening weekend of the New Zealand fishing season was good to us.

Winter gave the stream a hammering but despite this the few fish that had held their ground were responsive and in good nick already.   We (myself and Paul - a good mate and also ‘conveniently’ a recognised Kiwi fly fishing guide of aspiringflyfishing.co.nz) headed off on our annual opening mission. This time we ended up defaulting onto one of our all time favorite wee streams “the Hush Hush Burn”.

The weather had been good on the week leading up, and the first morning we were welcomed to a clear and mid-flow mecca with blue skies creeping through the morning layers to heat us up. 

“NILF”, you ask? = Nymph I Like to Fish.

The master fly-tisan I call Paul whittles up trout flies like no other, and the NILF is a pattern I could never divulge… lets just say it provides a rockin’ time and if I had to choose one NILF, she would be it.



Craig – Loop Army Down Under.


Rod:  LOOP Cross S1 #5

Reel: LOOP Opti Dry Fly

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